About Us


The word “stoa” commonly refers to a sheltered, columned promenade reserved for the exchanging of goods and ideas. Most common in ancient Greece, stoas once lined the marketplaces and sanctuaries of major cities, attracting popular lecturers and artists from throughout the region. It was in these types of structures that such prominent philosophers as Zeno shared their wisdom with willing ears.

Our stoa lacks the columns and grandeur, but carries a similar purpose. Using paper as a promenade, it aims to bring together student writers and scholars who hail from a wide range of academic disciplines, and in so doing fosters open intellectual discussion among those who might otherwise have limited access to the ideas presented. It gives each student a chance to explore his or her most zealous academic pursuits, regardless of topic or field.

The Stoa is, above all, an academic journal that specializes in the publication  of exemplary student work. We encourage writers to share with us their most ambitious research projects so that we can provide them the honor and recognition they deserve. In so doing we hope to expand the collective knowledge of our readers and peers. 

Co-Founding Editors

Anne Hawley Brett
Sarah Comiskey
Colleen McLaughlin
Rodrigo Ugarte
Anne Sarah Leen Rodrigo

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